To be Ben Franklin Rich is to be financial liberated to the point where risks are no longer risky. Ben Franklin Rich is defined individually and no two people will define it the same. For some, Ben Franklin Rich may be 3 months of savings. For others, it may be 30 years. Neither is right or wrong.

  • If You Don’t Like Your Job then Ben Franklin Rich is having enough savings to define your own job, to start a business, or write a novel. Ben Franklin Rich is the safety net you need to chart your own path.
  • If You Like Your Job then Ben Franklin Rich provides the safety net to allow you to flourish at your job. It is freedom to speak up to your superiors without fear of reproach.

Ben Franklin Rich is to be community-centric. To recognize that we did not get to where we are on our own and there are many others out there that can benefit from what we have to offer, whether it’s financial or knowledge.

Ben Franklin Rich is to be creative. Ben Franklin Riches allow you to follow your own genius to cultivate what only you can create. No one taught Shakespeare how to write like Shakespeare. No one can teach you how to be you.

Ben Franklin Rich is freedom to live life on your own terms.