Welcome to Ben Franklin Rich

I want to help people achieve the life they want to live through smart personal finance. I don’t know what every person’s dreams and aspirations are, but I do know that having enough money to pursue them is what everyone wants. A lot of people are scared to take risks for the sole reason being that they won’t have enough money if they fail. To be Ben Franklin Rich, you don’t need to have a million dollars. You only need enough to feel protected from risks you will take to lead your ideal life.

Ben Franklin is my inspiration (financially, not the syphilis stuff). He did it his way. He made himself into what he wanted to be. He worked studiously when he was young, was frugal, saved, and was able to build up enough savings to pursue what he wanted. He made his money as a printer, but is best known for being a founding father and inventor. If he didn’t save enough to pursue his REAL passions or waste his earnings on frivolous things, we probably wouldn’t know much about Ben Franklin the printer.

To be Ben Franklin Rich requires not just saving, but conscientious spending and living. It drives me crazy to see the ridiculous amount time, money, and resources we all waste (myself included) in our daily lives. Mindless inertia has carried us humans into a funky place these days. Instead of thinking they’re crazy, we respect the people who are constantly “busy”. We use our 2,000 pound cars to carry a gallon of milk when our legs work far more efficiently. We cool our houses to 72 degrees when it’s 78 outside. We don’t know our neighbors. We work ourselves to the bone, just to buy stupid shit.

2 years ago I worked at a job I didn’t like because I needed money to pay for fun on the weekend, which dulled the effect of a miserable week, in a depressing hamster-wheel of existence.

I used the influence of BF to break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck existence too many of us know. I initially saved up 6 months of living expenses which gave me the cushion I needed to pursue my dream of starting my own business. Today I write from my home office because I had enough savings to take that first step in creating my own life, not someone elses.

The point of writing my thoughts on the interwebs is because I want to save you money, make you money, and get you to a point where you’re comfortable enough to say “F this job. I’m doing my own thing.”